Another Look EP

by Shadowdance

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4 song sampler cd taken from 1st album "Ageless" (2001). Lead vocals & a couple solos were re-recorded. Songs will be completely remixed from the ground up for the re-release of "Ageless" coming soon


released January 1, 2004

Carlos Alvarez - Guitars, Keyboards, Additional Vocals & Bass on Tracks 2 & 3
George Eliassen - Vocals
Jason Fraticelli - Drums, Bass on Track 4
Brad Stuart - Bass on Track 1

All Music Written & Arranged by C. Alvarez Except Track 2 By Alvarez / Fraticelli

Lyrics by Mark Shveima Jr.



all rights reserved


Shadowdance Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aggressive, melodic, dark & intense. Every song is masterfully imbued with its own personality and flair. No two songs sound alike, yet there is a common stylistic edge that links them. Lyrically, they weave intricate stories based on real life and the hardships that can come with it; stories that anyone can relate to..... ... more

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Track Name: Hollow
Forgive, forget so it is said
All lies, demons filling my head
To love, to care, only regret
But wait I'm not done with me yet

Want to purge all memory
Leave me empty and cold

Won't stop until I am erased
This life I've led seems such a waste

Need to find another path
Can't keep running in place

Dug this hole too deep
Can not see the light
All alone, buried myself below
Rage, hate,sacrifice

Push, pull, mold, shape
Twist, prod, burn,scrape

I have ceased to be
Balled up in my mind
Yes I know I am still all alone
Numb, void, but its mine
Track Name: Climb
Entering a picture of forgotten yesterdays
Tripping on the words that once were
Never hard to say

But now you've built this wall
Around yourself
That no one wants to climb

Got a cold reflection from
The looking glass of time
And you've made an institution
Out of messing with our minds
Hurt the ones you love
Love the ones you leave
You have it out for all to see
It hangs upon your sleeve

ell me - Do you hurt?
Tell me - Where's the pain?
Tell me if I can
Put it back together again
I am - Here for you
I can - Ease your pain
I am - All you got
Don't cry me a river of shame
Tell me - Do you hurt?
Tell me - Where's the pain?
I am - Here for you again

All I say and all I do
Is all I am

How can a man look himself
Right in the eyes
Knowing all he knows
Is nothing but a pack of lies
You're gonna live in
A world of darkness
You're gonna feel the void
And a harsh hit
When it comes to the place
Where you left it all
You'll try to climb
But you're gonna fall
Never find never out
Never know
You're gonna live alone

But now you've built this wall
Around yourself
That no one wants to climb
And the wall you've built
Is filled with selfishness
And you're running out of time
Because you've built this wall
Around yourself
The light you'll never find
Track Name: Justified
No excuses
My search for truth has led me to believe
There's nothing worth believing
The steps I've taken
I know keep shaking
But at least I'm only deceiving me

Been kissing ground, beaten down
Wanting so much more
Would question why
I have suffered way too long
So I don't feel the need to justify

Fingers stepped on
Grasping for rings I have been denied
I will make them mine
Beyond compassion
While laughter burns my ears
And solely my convictions are now to be my guide

You don't see this, I won't apologize
When I have eaten so many of your lies

I speak, you don't hear
Somethings out of place
I sing, strong and clear
Every breath a waste
I scream, get nowhere
Realize my mistakes

Bewildered stares, half spoken prayers
Neither slowing down
The change that's come between
No excuses, my search for truth has
Led me to believe I'm not worth believing
Rising from the ashes, leaving my heart frozen
To what has come before
Refusing to acknowledge what was once the given
Track Name: Line In The Sand
Hours passing by, shadows growing long
Kingdoms rise and fall, and I
Center of the calm, so small
In the blink of an eye, all of it ... gone

Back & forth, try to prove my worth
Shadow of the sun
Dug beneath, much too far to reach
Became a crowd of one
Now I stand, determined once again
To hold common ground
Firm resolve, chin raised oh so proud
No more backing down

Nothing left to lose

Pushing through, all I used to do
Forcing every change
Steering clear, whenever I got near
Solitude remains
Crossing lines, never wondered why
I would bear the loss
Stuck in place, now I have to face
There is no line to cross

Nothing left to lose
I keep making circles

Fall, from dizzy heights
Back, unshakable
Once, upon a time
Drawn, from the abyss
Lines, of consequence
Across, open fist
Of sand

I won't give an inch
I've walked too many miles
Don't think I'm satisfied
Just because I wear a smile
Underestimate me
I don't really mind
Unawareness leaves you that much easier
To get behind

I keep making circles
I keep weaving patterns
What does it matter?